Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NOISE-Cancelling Alarm-Phones

-Would you use this product?
-Should there be a special clock or an attachment for your existing clock?
-What adjustments should be featured on the clock and on the headphones?


  1. I would use this product! I think people living in apartments or college age students in dorms..
    I would instead of having the alarm clock separate inside the headphones.. kind of like an ap on a phone you could set the time on the headphones and it would wake you up so it could be two products in one!
    I would also consider color, pattern, and it looks a bit bulky to sleep in!

  2. I think the actual device is the little ear bud things above the picture of the guy, so those would be fine for sleeping. The bulky ones are an example of some poor guy who clearly needs the noise canceling ones.

    But anyway, I probably wouldn't use these just because I don't like sleeping in quiet anyway, but they are a super good idea. It would be cool if they could attach to your existing clock instead of needing an entirely new one, but that might be tricky to have some kind of universal attachment for all clocks ever.

  3. -Would you use this product?
    I have a problem sleeping though the alarm. Can't sleep when I visit my Boyfriend's family when there is little noise

    -Should there be a special clock or an attachment for your existing clock?
    yes! modifications I love that

    -What adjustments should be featured on the clock and on the headphones?
    YOU MUST WAKE UP bit - with a list of to-do items with times attached

  4. 1. I would use this! My upstairs neighbors are the worst.
    2. Yes, maybe the headphones could have some kind of wireless connection to your existing clock, to make use of it's features.
    3. It should have a timed sleep option. So if you wanted to listen to music or sound as you were falling asleep.

  5. 1.) Completely. Sharing a bedroom with a sometimes night owl and being a sometimes night owl myself, falling asleep can be a little difficult for both of us. Pretty much an every other night trade off.
    2.) I think there should definitely be an attachment. Maybe even for your iPod or BlackBerry, if you'd rather use that as an alarm.
    3.) I think it should make soothing noises that will cancel out the unpleasant ones. Or, maybe be lavender scented for relaxation.

  6. 1) I think these ear plugs are awesome! I would for sure use them!
    2) and 3) It reminds me of a combination of my i-pod head phones along with headphones you would wear while operating heavy machinery. My suggestion would be to have it kind of like an i-pod but it would just be the earplugs and then there would be a "remote" that would come with it. That way you can operate the alarm (or you could add a music feature) through the remote. That way you would not use the bulky headphones and the remote would be compact as well. Because I have to admit that I turn my i-pod on every night to help me get rid of the noise and fall asleep. Combining simple earplugs and incorporating music and an alarm is genius!

  7. Thanks for the feedback urrbody
    after reading it I have much more innovative ideas for the product
    mainly creating an iphone app that bluetooths to the ear plugs
    this app would allow you to play the music from your iphone while you sleep or download other soothing sounds to listen to
    I also really like Abbi's to-do-list idea
    the app could include a to-do-list that is read off to you right after the alarm goes off

    the only problem im concerned with is people who don't have iphones and how I can incorporate the iphone app ideas into the standard system