Tuesday, March 30, 2010


to live in the southwest this summer
to pay zero rent in a fantasy destination
to plan this sooner rather than later


  1. I like this one
    fame, credit, being brilliant like you are - all doable.
    think - what are the things that area needs?
    What can you do for them?

  2. I really enjoy when you say "to plan this sooner rather than later" Could not agree with you more!

  3. After analyzing my I want statement word by word, I found that my desires are actually much less location focused.. and actually more about the idea of having one last summer without certain "real" responsibilities that I find unappealing. I realized that it's actually more of an "I don't want.." statement than an "I want.." statment. Fickle as I am about wants, defining what I don't want has been quite important in my life so far..