Saturday, January 30, 2010

STRANGE to Familiar --> FAMILIAR to Strange

A student sent me this great site:  Dark Roasted Blend:  A list of weird and wonderful things!
This is a great source when you're looking for something new!

Familiar To Strange:


Strange à Familiar:

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's all about perspective

 A great little piece about perspective.  Now someone please tell me if this is a happy thing, or a sad thing?  None the less - it gives me hope. 

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What it is to live on the right side of your brain - Jill Bolte's Stroke of Insight

Jill Bolte, a Brain Scientists experiences a Stroke, on the Right side of her brain.  This is her experience of what it was like to live only in the right side of your brain.

Rather than be traumatized, Jill believes that she has found the answer to world peace - locked within the world of images, feelings, and senses.  This is her "Stroke of Insight"  which was taken from the TED TALK Series.
(*a must)

Syllabus source of great links, books, etc.

Welcome to Creative and Critical Thinking - a visual journal of your work, findings, and things to share

In the past I have found blackboard, although helpful when someone looses the homework, or wants to know what they missed - Blackboard is great.

         ....not very visual.

This site you will all be invited to participate as part of the class.
•  Post your images
•  Post your web sites you find interesting
•  Pictures that inspire you - etc etc.
The best part of this- is that you will always have access to this site - so over time, if you want to come back to things, or see what another class is doing - you are set.  

I hope you find this useful
thank you