Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask Nature

Imagine 3.8 billion years of design brilliance available for free, at the moment of creation, to any sustainability innovator in the world. Imagine nature's most elegant ideas organized by design and engineering function, so you enter "filter salt from water" and see how mangroves, penguines, and shorebirds desalinate without fossil fuels. Now imagine you can meet the people who have studies these organisms, and together you can create the next great bio-inspired solutution. That's the idea behind AskNature, the online inspiration source for the biomimicry community. Think of it as your home habitat–whether you're a biologist who wants to share what you know about an amazing organism, or a designer, architext, engineer, or chemist looking for planet-friendly solutions. AskNature is where biology and desin cross-polinate, so bio-inspired breakthroughs can be born.

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  1. this is one of my all time favorite web sites. Have you read her book or seen her Ted Talks? It's so exciting. I can post the lectures if need be.