Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Steps Bigger, 3 Steps Smaller - History Timeline

Drawing is Thinking

In his book, Drawing is Thinking,” Glaser suggests that all art is a form of meditation and that drawing is “a primary way of encountering reality.” He addresses societal reticence around the arts and the individual’s resistance to drawing (“Oh, I can’t draw … my drawings look like they were done by a 3rd grader … “) as missing the point, asserting that the value in drawing is not about “making things look accurate,” but rather drawing is a way of becoming more conscious of what one is looking at and expressively interpreting the world." - Katherine Emmons

Friday, February 26, 2010


Another REALLY cool thing for those who haven't seen it....

It's a scale model of our solar system. The site is over half a mile long! Keep scrolling, it's not broken. You just haven't gotten to the next planet yet!

Powers of Ten

This may inspire some of you on your "next bigger, next smaller" assignment. Some of you may have already seen this in Viz Phys, but those who haven't should really take a look!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Expanding on my ideas :: The Results of Manipulating brain function

The Amazing Brain :: Autism

I was fascinated by the idea of people with autism having many or all areas of their brain open to information at the same time. I was looking online and found this. What an incredible gift!


Hello all,

I tried real hard to zip my trap and not talk about my project this week because God knows I don't shut up most days. So, feast your eyes on my textual description.

First of all, I want to activate your fusiform gyrus (which I found is the specific, specific part of the brain that recognizes faces).

Do you know who that is?

Nope, because it's my Uncle Doug, who lives in Minot, North Dakota. For those of you that have forgotten, I am "Frog In Glass Boy." I was wrestling with which part of the brain to use, but it ended up being the Hippocampus. Mainly, it's because I have really strong memories as a kid being at the lake and seeing all the frogs. One weekend for this assignment, stood out.

It was a "MAN WEEKEND" of sorts. My brothers and I went with my Uncle Doug to the lake. We bought fruits and juices that we had never consumed at the grocery store, drove to the lake, fished, shot guns, watched action movies, ate KFC... man stuff. Since we did things that have just stuck with me (obviously strongly making these connections in my brain) I thought it would be a great opportunity to do something.

I really liked what Abbi said about being able to hold and look at smaller art. Using this as my baseboard, I wanted to recreate the weekend with my uncle in a small art form. You have to understand, this is really "BFA" for me.

The juice carton represents the new juice we tried.
The tissue paper represents the unpacking of the new BB gun targets we got to unwrap.
The frosting in the cup represents the Redi-Whip we sprayed in our mouths (it was a man's weekend, we did as we pleased).
The Grapefruit represents the Papaya we tried. I didn't like it, and I don't like Grapefruit.
But most of all, the frog leg. That frog leg I made represents the one that my brother blew off a pale frog.

It's awful, I know, but he thought it was all right since it was the frog's fault for jumping onto the staging area for Targets.

So yeah... that's my brain-inspired "frog in glass" --

oOh, and it did involve every sense: I brought a can of shaving cream to recreate a redi-whip spray type from the fusiform gyrus, to the the occipital and parietal lobe... my Uncle Doug did a good job on instilling that memory to make me use all those brain parts for this project.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Carabiner + Temporal Lobe

This is a video I made for the carabiner. I wanted to experience it through the temporal lobe or the hearing part of the brain. It pokes fun at the loud jingly sound keys make due to being clipped on the carabiner. (heavily present at MCAD) I want to take the carabiner away from just being used for keys and explore the idea of what else it could be.

I'm So Happy 'Cause I'm a Gummy Bear

Gummi Bar :: The Nuki Song

According to Aristotle in his On Generation and Corruption:
Air is primarily wet and secondarily hot.
Fire is primarily hot and secondarily dry.
Earth is primarily dry and secondarily cold.
Water is primarily cold and secondarily wet.

The Pumpkin and the Hypothalamus

Viewpoint of time

Here's my original songs and the new song with a different viewpoint of time

John Kozak

Viewpoint of time

C&C Thinking

Original Lyrics

She won’t give me a reason

She just tells me to wait

She won’t give me her reason

She just leaves it to fate

She won’t tell me her problem

She says it’s too late

She won’t give me her reason

She says I have to wait

She comes around again

And then she won’t

She comes around again

And then she don’t, no no no

Solo x2



She won’t give me her reasons

She just puts up a fight

She won’t give me a reason

Before she takes flight

She comes around again

And then she won’t

She comes around again

And then she don’t, no no no

Lyrics with concept of different viewpoint of time

Telephone is ringing

Haven’t got that much to say

I don’t mind cuz I got time

To slip away

It’s alright

It’s alright

Haven’t got that much to say

Don’t have time to waste

Got to find a way

Don’t have time to waste

It’s alright

It’s alright

Snow’s falls on the street

The sun shines down on me

I don’t mind cuz I got time

To slip away

It’s alright

It’s alright

Haven’t got that much to say

We don’t have time to waste

Got to find a way

We don’t have time to waste

It’s alright

It’s alright

My 3D project :: Brain Study :: Josh RItenour

The areas of the brain that I have made efforts to focus attention throughout my creative processes are:

Occipital Lobe: one of the lobes of the cerebelum, situated at the back of the skull. The occipital lobe contains the primary visual cortex, where visual information is processed.

Hippocampus: means "sea horse", and is named for its shape. It is one of the oldest parts of the brain, and is buried deep inside, within the limbic lobe. The hippocampus is important for the forming, and perhaps long-term storage, of associative and episodic memories. Specifically, the encoding of face-name associations, the retrieval of face-name associations, the encoding of events, the recall of personal memories in response to smells.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

carabiner inspired by emily keenan

gummy bears

i guess if none of you got it yet, i'm doing gummy bears.

not THE gummi bears, but gummy bears.


Here's a Binary Treat

00010111 Love

The beauty of this piece is striking. The perfect
symmetry, bordering on the pureness of the earlier
masterpiece 'Truth', mediates utter mutual
affection; but, considering the counterforce of
'Disillusion', can such love be anything other than
fictional utopia? The observer is left uncertain,
in contemplation.

History of the Locket

To preface my choice of asking my mom to explain what the locket meant to her was because this locket has been in my family a long time and means something different to both of us.  Here is my mother’s story…

 My mother had a locket that she had received as a young girl from her parents.  Lockets back then had many different purposes.  Some filled it with medicine, poison, hair or ashes of loved ones or herbs.  Then they started to fill them with hand painted pictures and then photographs.   My mom had filled hers with her mom and dad.  When I was a younger I would play dress up with my moms clothes and jewelry and would always wear her locket.  I thought it was so beautiful.    When I was in High School, my parents gave me the locket and I put a picture of them in it.    Then I had you and before I knew it you were doing the same exact thing.  Playing dress up with my clothes and the locket.  Passing the tradition on I gave you the locket when you were in High School.    

The Pumpkin - 2 Ways

Random - Josh

After photographing my object for last weeks class, I had some fun using some ideas I took from the composition. Focusing on lighting, I shot some object photos. Here is my favorite.

My Object --- Josh Ritenour CCT2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

design vs functionality?

some inspiring ways of keeping track of the days as they speed by.

plastic comb.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Abbey's Object

Sorry Im late! My Ring + Taxco, Mexico



We're not doing this for a few weeks - but just think about your objects turning into something like this.  Shanita is a rock-star, so you know - she invented the curve and re-drew it into something better

the standard is set.

Here's another old school video - back in the early days of stop motion.
animators rejoice.
or be creeped out