Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Olivia Observation Pull Tabs

Hey guys, here is my first observation. I chose to use pull tabs so I could continue a little of the play I began with them during the Orange project. The second and third image are a rough draft from last week.
The last two images are my final product. I already glued the three tabs down, but underneath them they say Happy Valentine's Day. It turned into a larger version of a pull tab, but also a valentine. The text is where the game winning possibilities would already be, but I switched them out and made him an automatic winner.
Also I used Nori glue for the first time! Excited to see how it dries fully.
These pull tabs are something I want to explore more of, making my own, all kinds of different versions. They're curious little objects in the first place.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A day with out technology

Since my never done before had to do with using no technology, I stuck with it and wrote my blog post by hand, so here is an image of my written experience.

Before I went to bed and created this blog post, I turned on my phone and took a screenshot of all the notifications I had missed through out the day. There were 3 Twitter, 11 Facebook, 10 texts, 5 emails, and 7 snapchats. I can't believe how many I had, probably because I normally check them right when it buzzes.

Below is a screenshot of the app advertisement that inspired me for this assignment:


My Orchestra Experience

Never Done Before

I decided to leave a note on a random person's car. This note said, "Hey. You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I hope you have an awesome day. And if you're having a tough day already, know that someone is here thinking about you." I decided to do this, because being kind is so important, and often forgotten. I hope that person was having a good day, and if not, I hope that my note made them happy. I hope they feel important, and loved... Even if it's by a stranger.

***photo coming***
My Never Done It - full presentation in pdf


Don't be Chicken.

 I have never made a "real" meal at college before so I attempted to make one...

Sewing Nightmare

Never Done Before: I Went To a March

On Saturday I attended a women's march for the first time. The large amount of passionate people is what stood out to me. It surfaced a lot of different feelings for me. I was proud, overwhelmed, happy, sad... all of the above.

Never Done Before: Living without a Microwave

Living without a microwave and lessons in slowing down:

·      Shortly after settling into new dorm realized we didn’t have a microwave
·      Have been only using the stove to cook things for 4 days
·      Reminded me vaguely of being a 1950s housewife
·      At first, kind of annoyed: couldn’t even make hot chocolate without having to heat up the milk in a pot first
·      After a while though, started to enjoy it
·      Forced me to slow down and spend time in the process of making food
·      Spent more time contemplating the food I was about to eat, and was to become a part of me
·      Learned that mindfulness of cooking makes the meal more enjoyable – appreciation  

Filmed a Wedding for the first time (NDB)

Just this past Friday I helped film a wedding for the first time. It was cool to see a new perspective on a day like this just because you aren’t directly involved in all the chaos that comes with a wedding. You’re more just there to witness and capture all the events that happen. Below is a summary video that was created of the footage me and Alexis Lund filmed and was sent to the bride and groom to send to any friends or family to show a recap of the big day.

Never thought I would... but I always wanted to...

... cut of my almost waist length unprocessed hair and donate it.



Meaty Baby Food ;)

So my daughter recently started eating "solids" and at first, they didn't look too bad. There are a variety of flavor combinations available and I would most likely consider an adult food version; like a fruit and veggie mix of some kind. But when she started eating the next level baby food which has meat in it, I said to myself, "this is where I draw the line...I'm not eating that." Then here comes along Abbi Allan and her assignment to try something we've never done. I thought, hell no! I'm not eating the meaty baby food! But then I thought about it. If I'm giving it to my daughter for dinner and she eats it, I should at least taste it. So with a big glass of wine and a GIANT baby spoon, I took the plunge.