Monday, April 20, 2015

Take Your Cle - Scott Werner - New Art Matrix

Through blind selection I came up with the following:

Medium - glue
Surface - brick
Style - surrealism
Content - flying jump ropes
Audience - lawyers
Inspiration - Pixar
Presentation - wall prints

The final project ended up being an advertisment for lawyers to take thier Cle classes. This snapshot inspired by pixar is part of a series of animation sequences that would say to stop skipping around and take your Cle classes. The background picture is a surreal pic of a group of lawyers. We (my youngest daughter and I) painted jump ropes on bricks with sparkle glue and then smushed the bricks onto the acetate cells. I used white vinyl letters and put them on different layers to represent the different sequences. We added additional jump ropes on the top layer as well


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tribute, Parody, in the voice of, Worship.

Tribute, Parody, in the voice of, Worship.

As you guys think of examples - post them


Parody & admiration

Billy Bragg: New England:

Billy Bragg: Levi Stubbs

Bill Bailey -

Billy Bragg Chip Shop - Bewilderness

Sunday, April 12, 2015

For the Artist, creator, inventor, and everyone

Thank you Emma for this suggestion!!!

Neil Gaiman:  Several pieces of advice for the artist starting their career.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - the message

The Young Aborigines - Asshole (short clip with studio chatter)

a project that was done "for fun"

on barriers

Bel Pesce:  5 ways to kill your dreams

Monday, April 6, 2015

Next bigger/next smaller - Applying it to another class's project

Instead of using an object, I chose to apply this concept to an elevator speech project from Sophomore Seminar and document the process from idea to finish.

What goes into an elevator speech can be very broad, but the goal of this project specifically was to pitch myself as an artist and briefly summarize my work. It's very similar to an artist statement, so that's where I began. Before writing anything, I compiled all of my previous artist statements for reference. These ended up going all the way back to 2012, so having them in one place helped see changes in writing and other differences in content. I found that my overall goal stayed the same, but my concept took different routes of explanation constantly. There were subtle similarities, but with each iteration I found that my work became about something more and more specific.

After reviewing these artist statements, I moved into brainstorming. There are usually a lot of different ways I do this in terms of writing, but this time around I wrote in a stream of consciousness whatever came to my mind. Later this list of phrases and words worked its way into a draft, and after finishing that I edited it into a final product.

Final Speech:

"My name is Patty Rodriguez, and I am an illustration major at MCAD seeking a focus in design and visual development. My work mainly involves storytelling through various concepts and tying them into a single or series of illustrations. This work is heavily inspired by mythology and fantasy elements combined with digital media, including inspiration from a many different digital artists such as Claire Hummel, Jen Zee, and James Jean, as well as my history deeply rooted in video games and its ever-rising popularity in industry & artistic culture.

I do think my work, as a result of varying inspiration, has taken both graphic and conceptual qualities. There is a side of my work that is chiefly design, with minimal thematic impact and a major focus on the visuals of the final product. And then there’s a side of my work that reflects my passion for video game culture and its rich fantasy settings, which ultimately adapts some themes especially relevant to me and my life including but not limited to grief, ephemerality, and purpose. I believe exaggerating certain aspects of life and humanity through fantasy reveal to us how truly important and necessary those fantastical moments are in the course of our lives. My goal is to make a combination of those two sides of my work and create something far more impactful, and someday contribute back to the video game industry that raised me and my work."

4x4: Apartment View

Personal/Research project: Serbia, history and family ties

4x4 3/4

This one was recorded in serbia in a crowded dining room.

4x4 2/4

More audio recordings of ambience at MCAD, this time outside.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Scott Werner - Personal Project

I post the original Still images from the presentation I did at Adams Elementary School in Coon Rapids on March 27th. With assistance from Kadie Kaelin we presented to each grade individually. There were roughly 100 kids per class and went from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Each grade had 25 minutes of presentation time with Kindergarten having 45 minutes. My goal was to capture their ideas on how we can use waste and garabage to make new things.

We started off by handing out a sheet of paper to each student and giving them a couple crayons to use. From here I showed them my planet, then what our planet really looks like. During these two slides I had them drawn their own planet.

While they draw their Planet I explain how garabage is picked up, from inside our house to the curb to the dumptruck. Where does it go from there?

Most kids knew about a "dump" or "landfill" but I felt from their reactions that they had never seen one especially after seeing the picture below.

Next I ask them how long it takes for a piece of paper, a plastic bag, and a glass jar/bottle to "go away completely" or decompose.

 I have them crumple their paper and place in front (this after my experience with the first grade and having them throw their crumpled paper at me), I have them look around to see the mess then I pull up a picture showing woods with littler and explain how long that stuff will be there and ask if that's where they want to go play.

Some grades I explain the cycle of how plants and trees grow, others I show this quick but move on. 

Introduce Mr. Worm, nature's natural decomposer

Explain how worms help the soil and eat dead plants and trees, also how the holes allow water and air flow

Show a healthy forest and natural decomposition of a tree

I then ask them if they know about recycling and state that it is important to recycle as much as we can to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and how we humans leave waste for a long time while nature does it quickly and doesn't leave bad waste around.

This is where they get their paper back or someone else's paper. I have them come up with ideas on things we can make out of our garbage and write them or draw them on the other side of the paper. I show them a few examples of what they can do and tell them that sometimes us adults can lose a bit of imagination and we need their help.

Lastly after going around and see what ideas they have or helping to explain what I'm looking for I tell them one last time that even though they may be little or younger that they can make a difference by making sure to recycle or create new things out of waste.

Conclustion, I have over 500 pages of planets and ideas to sift and compile. I know my presentation made a difference because my youngest daughter immediately started getting on her mother's case about putting recycle in the recycle not the garbage! She also trying to make things out of stuff that would be just thrown away. It could be that she wants to make her dad happy and proud but I feel that a good majority of the kids went home and did the same thing. This great for my city but I probably have a bunch of irritated parents now!

Smaller to Bigger - Evolutionary Chain

The direction I took with this is inspired by my two daughters. Seeing them both grow and how different yet similiar they are. I took the evolution of humans from the orginal bacteria floating around to Lucy, the first ape to begin looking more like us. From there I went with where we are now by using a picture of my youngest daughter and myself. After that I see us moving past bionics into a mechanical shell to place our brains in. It may not be bigger in size but it is huge in a evolution sense. Lastly, what could be bigger than that? Well if you can't beat them join them, I re-introduce the "Borg" from Star Trek. One conscience, that assimilates or destroys anything in there path.

I believe if we get to the point of being like the borg it will go back to a more bionical state in which we can grow new processors or microchips or appendages to accomplish the task at hand.

Created by Scott Werner, images sourced on poster

 Borg Documentary Part 1