Sunday, March 15, 2015

Project #3 - Calendar : Redo Resume

For this project I decided to plot the process on how I can improve my resume to best brand me to future potential employers. The first thing I did before figuring out how to break this task down into smaller parts was over looked my current resume:

This is not part of a school project but redoing my resume has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time. This is critical because I will be graduating this December and need to consider the best way to sell myself on paper.

1. List of projects and tasks I need to get done.
  • School
    • Agency
      • Written summaries of ad agencies visited
      • Subaru ad ideas
    • Introduction to Graphics
      • Pictogram of Mel Gibson in Braveheart
      • Interactive iPad
    • Creative and Critical Thinking
    • Copywriting
      • Edit Radio Ad
      • Read Chapter 5-10
      • Take Test 3
    • Internship: Project Safety Nets
      • Mission Video
      • Website
      • Marketing Plan
  • Personal
    • Sell JEEP
    • Redo Resume*
    • Healthy Body
    • Discovery Channel Internship*
  • Business
    • Ret Pace
    • Infinite Ink Apparel
    • Mill Creek Downhill
    • New PF Beer
    • Develop Contest
    • Business Plan
    • Business Loan
    • Cam Com Productions
  • Social
    • Plan Trip to see Karli
2. The amount of time I really have on completing this project is damn near none. I have to get a job lined up since this is my last year of school otherwise bills will pile up. I would like to have it done ASAP.

How did I fit redoing my resume into my schedule?
  • I wrote down all the time I have open with all of the current projects, tasks, roles and responsibilities I have and realized I have very little time therefore I reworked my schedule to get the resume done as fast as possible.
    • I decided waking up at 3 in the morning two mornings out of my busy week will give me plenty of time to finish up this project.
  • Before I scheduled in the time to actually work on the resume I realized I need a concept therefore I utilized some of my off time while watching some TV to develop something. To be honest it was an idea that just popped in my head while I was relaxing. That idea was to develop a visual resume. Something that acts like an ad that draws peoples attention and then gets my story and accomplishments across quickly and straight to the point.
  • I broke it down into three segments:
    • Summarize my biggest accomplishments
    • Gather visual aids
    • Draw up a template
  • In the matter of hours I had all the components I needed to develop my resume. I only needed one 3 o clock morning to finish.
Here it is:

What affect does ‘time’ have on what you are doing?
  • Time affects the quality and amount of work you can get done on any project. Time affects everything that you deal with in life. If you don't take advantage of managing your time you will have regrets and not be able to accomplish certain life goals.

Did it work for you? 
  • I am an advocate of planning and compartmentalizing yet taking a project and breaking it down into small segments to then put them back together has been the best breakthrough in my mind since I found out about palm pilots and writing my schedule on white boards placed strategically throughout my whole house. A schedule on paper helps me so much more than putting it on my phone.

What were the changes you noticed? Find a way to document the original concept, and then as time is applied to it.
  • I noticed my mind wasn't bogged down with trying to figure out a full solution in one sitting. That never works for me because my mind wanders a million different places. Rather I find it better to breakdown from what the final product should be and work backwards. I have shown many people my new resume and they love it and are now modeling their own resumes off of it.

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