Saturday, March 21, 2015

Free Doughnuts

Free Doughnuts from Megan Kowalski on Vimeo.

I left out a box of glam doll doughnuts for people to take in the College Center. For the first half hour, I left a sign with the doughnuts that said, "If you do a dance, you can take a free doughnut!"I noticed that not many people wanted to grab at the doughnuts because of that, and they worked off the honor system, where if they didn't do anything silly; they wouldn't take a doughnut. After the first half hour I changed the sign to say, "Just free doughnuts," and they disappeared fast. During filming, I couldn't be there to watch if the cameras caught everything correctly, and at some points, they did not get the shots I wanted. Also, one camera would automatically stop filming after every ten minuets. However, I caught most of people's conversations or reactions to seeing the doughnuts, which became more important. It was funny to hear some conversations, and I ended up more, "people watching" than "table-watching."

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