Monday, March 2, 2015

Da Brain

I decided to take a look at the concept of memories and their association with music.

"Alive Inside" kind of blew my mind when I saw it. I have a terrible memory, but I can remember songs, artists, year etc. It freaks my boyfriend out.

The part of the brain that makes the association with is the
Prefrontal Cortex Medial

I randomly picked songs (shuffle) and found photos of memories that I associate them with. I plan on continuing with this project.

"Is this it"
By The Strokes
When I worked at Electric Fetus, we played this album ALL THE TIME. I had a coworker who was utterly obsessed. I also I have a friend that lives in NYC now, Morelia. She adores The Strokes.

"A Well-Respected Man"
By The Kinks
I love love love The Kinks. This song was in the beginning of the movie "Juno" and it made my day. Sometimes when I hear it, it reminds of the movie and then reminds me of Kimya Dawson. She did a lot of the soundtrack. She worked with Eyedea, who passed away five years ago. 

"A Letter From the Government"
Brother Ali
Erik and I go way back. He's a great painter who moved out to NYC. Before he moved, he toured with Brother Ali and Atmosphere as the merch dude. When ever I hear Ali or Atmosphere, it reminds me of him and hanging out for endless hours making art at his studio.

"Human Nature"
Sexton Blake
(covering M. Jackson)
Val and Erin are old friends of mine. I miss them dearly, Erin moved away to Philly and Val is still in town. With our busy lives, we don't connect as often as we should and need to. 
We used to listen to Sexton Blake all the time. Our gaggle had fun fun summers and outdoor fun was endless. 

This is an old friend. This picture was taken before the gals and I went on a bike ride.
He committed suicide last January.

Adventures with Erin and Val

A couple more random songs popped up...
"Fixin' to Die" by Bob Dylan
"Waiting for a Miracle" by Jerry Garcia Band
"No One Knows I am Gone" By Tom Waits

I used to live with a friend, Jen. This is her dog. I came over to her house (after I had moved out) and Kodiak ran over to me and made me feel like a million bucks. He hugged me. 
Jen loves Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. 
I love Tom Waits. 
We used to listen to a lot of music really loud.
I have super fond memories of living with her.

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