Sunday, March 15, 2015

Project #2: “reflections upon the orange” : Video Script

Reno Olvera
Citrus   Script
Febraury 9, 2015

This is a comprehensive film that describes the closeness two best friends have and how they recover from downfalls in their friendship

Medium: This video will be shot using a Go-Pro Hero3 Black Edition and a Canon 5d mark ii.

Key:    XLS- Extreme Long Shot
LS – Long Shot
   MS – Medium Shot
   CU- Close Up
   CA – Cut Away
   OTS – Over the Shoulder

Actors: Reno Olvera – Bro 1
Peely Jones – Bro 2

Scene 1 – The Gym
            Setting: In a gym in house, where two bros spot each other while getting an intense workout bro.
            Shot Sequence:
LS Bro 1 sitting on Bench Press calling over to Bro 2 to come spot him in a rep.
                        MS Bro 2 next to weight rolls over to the bench
                        MS Bro 1 Benching
                        OTS Bro 2 while Bro 1 benches
                        Bro 1| Bro can you come spot me
                        Bro 2| …
            Shot Sequence: Montage of Bros working out together.  
                        Que Bromance Music

            Shot Sequence: Bro 1, sweating and dying from workout runs upstairs opens the fridge while grabbing some orange juice and starts drinking it. OTS of Bro 2 on the counter looking at bro 1 as he turns around to see Bro 2.
                        Bro 1| It’s not what it looks like man. Why do we even have this in the fridge to begin with?
                        Bro 2|…

Bro 2 is upset. Bro 1 well his thirst is quenched.

            Are you running out of juice?
            Well orange you going to go yet

Scene 2 – Playing Catch with a dog
            Setting: They are at the dog park playing fetch with dogs. Bro 1 is throwing a tennis ball back and forth.
                        Bro 1| Now Watch this… (he picks up ball and throws it hard turns around to realize that he just threw Bro 2)
                        Bro 2|…weeeeee

Scene 3 – Video Games
            Setting: Both bros are playing video games
                        Bro 1| Hey man your cheating you are just mashing all of the buttons.
                        Bro 2|…

Scene 4 – Card Game
         Setting: Things said at a card game.
“Dude you’ve never tried a screwdriver…”
“How many oranges does it take to screw in a lightbulb”
“Watch this…”

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