Monday, May 4, 2015

Your Voice - Scott Werner in Joel's view

So my stomach has been expanding quite a bit over the last year and I really don't like to exercise. I know that Joel likes to take things that are not fun and find a way to make them fun. I also know that he likes to try new processes. So I decided that I would start my walk routes again this summer but I needed more incentive to do them.

I made a map of my area and put my current walk routes on it. It was amazing to see the distance that I used to walk. I then decided to highlight parks, food places, and my favorite hot spots. I then decided that a new process would be to see the parks in my area that I haven't seen before. I then found nine new routes using these parks. I then determined that if I complete a route I could buy myself a treat from one of my hot spots.

My poster shows these routes and says 10 weeks, 10 routes. The tenth route is the one I discover while doing these routes. I am very excited to try this new process in losing weight.

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