Monday, April 20, 2015

Take Your Cle - Scott Werner - New Art Matrix

Through blind selection I came up with the following:

Medium - glue
Surface - brick
Style - surrealism
Content - flying jump ropes
Audience - lawyers
Inspiration - Pixar
Presentation - wall prints

The final project ended up being an advertisment for lawyers to take thier Cle classes. This snapshot inspired by pixar is part of a series of animation sequences that would say to stop skipping around and take your Cle classes. The background picture is a surreal pic of a group of lawyers. We (my youngest daughter and I) painted jump ropes on bricks with sparkle glue and then smushed the bricks onto the acetate cells. I used white vinyl letters and put them on different layers to represent the different sequences. We added additional jump ropes on the top layer as well


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