Saturday, May 9, 2015

4x4 Kids Play When Adults Away - Scott Werner

For my fourth observation I decided to have my teenage daughter Haylee use a video camera and photo camera to capture moments with my niece Grayson. She did this while babysitting and no other adults were around. My intent was to observe in the second person through the imagery caught by Haylee. The video below is the result of going through sixty phots and over an hour of video.

What I noticed is that Grayson pays more attention than we realize. Seeing her at the highchair following Haylee while she prepped food for Grayson shows this. You can see her eyes follow and view the eagerness or desire for food. I could also see the emotional connection being made between the two of them through the interaction.

The song I choose has multiple meanings in this particular situation. On a personal level I'm faced with losing relative sometime in the next year. At the same time I am in awe of the wonder the Grayson sees soaking up as much as she can. I felt this song conveyed my feelings and inner turmoil that not only am I losing someone but so is Grayson and she doesn't see that and is not affected by it.

Here is my video:

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