Monday, May 11, 2015

Observation #4/4 : I Killed my Plant with Purpose

I decided to correlate the plants health with my own as this semester continued on. I took key events that happened to me over this last 4 months and observed the state of the plant to see if there is any correlation to my state of mind and body to the plants.

I found that there are two things that can kill a plant. Being to busy and unable to care for yourself. I was gone so much this semester with business and with seeing my girlfriend that I neglected the plant and the life that I worked so hard to build up. I also got very sick and had a hung unexpected chain of events that through me out of the loop for a while.

All in all. Everything was worth it and a ton of lessons were learned. I learned that I never will be that old man saying ,"I wish I would have taken more risks." nor will I ever say, "I should have not lived life and worked more." I have found a new calling and that is family, friends, and taking care of those who need it ten times more then me. Don't get me wrong I will be going for my MBA in Houston and be working but no one will see me work as hard as I have this last 10 years but they will see me smile more. Time with people and helping people is far more rewarding then time at an office trying to get that bigger better iPhone but rather spend that on new adventures and live life the way it is supposed to be lived.

Other events that you do not see on the time line:

  1. Sold my beautiful Jeep.
  2. Went to Vegas.
  3. Fell in love with girlfriends twin 10 year old girls
  4. Gained a freeloading roommate (stay tuned for the "Shit My Roomate Says" series---Hilarious)
  5. and Life.
Great Semester.

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