Saturday, February 21, 2015

Unfamiliar to Familiar - Now it's familiar to you

So as I was spending time thinking about what is something that is not familiar and how to make it familiar, I just couldn't think of what. I remember Abby saying to involve my family in more projects and how it makes for interesting and creative projects. I consulted my teen daughter and she had some pretty good ideas, then 3 hours later I talked to my wife and said I was in a creative block and explained the assignment. Her respsonse was actually trying to be a smart ass but I took it as a fantastic idea.

So I present to you our band, unfamiliar to all of you especially since this was recorded in 2012, well before I started school. The song is called "Number Nine" because for lack of creativity a spin on the Beatles and because it was our 9th song.

The lyrical content is 2-fold. It was inspired by one of the stories in Twilight where the one girl who was to be married ended up being beaten and raped by her soon to be husband and his friends. Carlisle changed her into a vampire and became the attacker seeking revenge and making her attackers the victims. The second fold is that this album is a concept album telling a story about a person who becomes a vampire and then questions their humanity, definition of a soul, definition of god, and thier morals (vampires, philosophy, and a bit of personal experience mixed in). So it fit within the story itself.

I know present my Unfamiliar Band "The Others" with me on Bass Guitar and my wife Jan on Vocals, Nate Sandys on Guitar, LaMont Sandifer on Percussion, Playing the song "Number Nine" from our album "Mind, Self, or Soul"

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