Monday, February 2, 2015

Never done before. Bike Adventure Race.

Every year on the day before the super bowl there is a bicycle race called the Stupor bowl. It brings in about 300 racers each year. The course is the streets of minneapolis. Each racer is given a sheet of addresses to go to and the racer has to figure out which is the best and fastest order to complete them. My goal was to was to do this race. Having been biking in minneapolis for four years and competing in other types of bike races for 2 years I felt that I had a chance in this race. I decided to enter the race and with $10 and my bike I was ready. I got the piece of paper and I knew where every stop was except for one in St. paul. I found the address on my phone and figured out what streets I needed to get there and how it would work with of the rest of the stops I had to go to. There were 13 places I needed to stop which totaled to be around 40 miles. I was probably the most tired I have ever been after racing but I ended up getting in 3rd place! I won some cool things too!

What I learned:
I learned that I Know the city better than I previously thought, I am faster on my bike than previously thought. Determination to finish kept me going. This type of race is really fun. Extensive planning makes perfect. 

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