Monday, February 2, 2015

Never Done Before - A View in a Ballet Academy

By: Joel Minan
What I Never Done Before: 
This experience made me do some networking, travel alone in a private car, observe a ballet practice, meet some very talented people from dancers to musicians (orchestra) and learn from experience.
What I Learned:
Ballet is a very detailed and hard activity. It has been seen as unmanly, however by attending and observing a class I have learned that the dancers need great stamina, energy and attention to detail. The main part needed in ballet, would be the use of their legs. Even though their arms do have a part in the equation, their legs need to be very specific, strong and elegant.

Notes during observation:
  • a lot of leg work
  • 14 dancers ranging from any age
  • Use of hands to indicate where their feet move when in practice
  • French words to describe the movements
  • OUCH! the SPLITS
  • Requires flexibility and endurance
  • Don't seem lazy, add energy to the equation
  • When walking, they do put feet outwards


  1. Very nicely edited! It sounds like your learned a lot! Would you ever consider learning ballet yourself?