Thursday, February 5, 2015

Never Done Before

Something that I've never done before was going out to eat by myself. It always seemed like it would be a really weird, silent, and awkward experience. I went to a restaurant that I've gone to once or twice with some friends, called Camdi. It's a Vietnamese family owned restaurant in Dinky Town, that serves excellent and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Going there once or twice with my friends I was never able to ask the server curious questions, but when I went by myself I was able to get to know the server more. Turns out they are originally from Vietnam and it's mainly the wife and husband who run the day to day tasks. I also found out that all of the art that is posted on their walls is all done by the wife.

I discovered that doing things, like getting dinner by yourself, can be a really interesting experience where you get to know people that you never would have otherwise. Although I was a bit anxious about it I can safely say that I would definitely do that again. 

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