Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scott Werner - Agent Orange-

I took a different approach by using my process book to sketch out ideas first and see where the rabbit hole would go. I started with the texture of the orange peel and it reminded me of the texture of some footballs. Then the smell reminded me of cleaning materials. More specifically an orange zep we use at work. Next I thought of how the juice from the peel when squeezed through an open flame flares up or ignites. This led me to think of whether it's a citrus juice or maybe an oil that's flammable. Going further down the hole I thought of capturing that flammable liquid and converting it to gas or fuel for our vehicles. Orange truck is the next thought running on orange fuel. Then I thought more environment and replacing wood with compacted orange peels. I felt that I needed to go a different direction from here so I thought of the health benefits with vitamin C and anti oxidants. I looked back up at my sketches, in particular the slice and what was inside. I thought of the pods of juice and my first thought was invasion of the body snatchers. When trying to find pod people I found the body snatcher images. This led me to the last thought of Agent Orange and how we could re-purpose the name by harnessing the citrus smell and making landfills smell better or more Orange.

This was quite the trip through an orange and as I type this at the Mall of America it's only more ironic that I do this while drinking orange juice!

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