Monday, April 12, 2010

Revised I Want

I want to headline a CD release show of my own, however, the achievement of this goal is influenced by many other factors. I am a student at MCAD and I am currently 2/3 the way through my spring semester. Right now it is very hard to find a lot of time for music. I need to be recording, writing, promoting and playing shows. When the semester is over and summer arrives, I will replace the time I dedicate to school and use it to do these things. The root of my problems lies in recording. I have the material but it all needs to be recorded and this will take a lot of time. Once the album is recorded I can then start to think about the CD release show. If I want to headline this show at a larger venue then I am going to need to develop a fan base and promote the show heavily. If I cannot draw enough people to this show I will probably not be able to headline it and it will be a failure. Another thing I need to consider is whether or not I should put all my efforts into recording all of my songs into a full album or if I should just try to record a few songs and release a shorter EP. I have many tasks and decisions ahead and I hope that I have enough time.

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