Monday, April 5, 2010

an idea


  1. How big are your concerns for energy/power radiation?

    Big. My doctor once tested me for radiation sensitivity and I was very sensitive. Most of us are, especially when you have high amounts of exposure. He told me about a protective technology called Q-Link..

    How would you make radiation safer/limit?

    I've seen the Q-link technology on the backs of cellphones, perhaps you could integrate it into your wireless docks.

  2. 1.) My concerns for radiation have recently started to get a little bigger. My mom always chides me for keeping my phone-well, you know where, Christina. So, recently I've tried to stop doing that if I could help it, or if I remember to break that habit.

    2 + 3.) I think I would try to put some safety limits on the amount of radiation that certain wireless objects can give off. Maybe some kind of material that eliminates it, or a place where the radiation can be housed and turned into something useful?

  3. 1. my concerns for radiation have gotten worse due to my mother who forwards me scary emails about women getting cancer from their lap tops and cell phones.

    2. I would try to come up with a way to eliminate radiation from devices that give off the most.