Monday, February 15, 2010

History of the Locket

To preface my choice of asking my mom to explain what the locket meant to her was because this locket has been in my family a long time and means something different to both of us.  Here is my mother’s story…

 My mother had a locket that she had received as a young girl from her parents.  Lockets back then had many different purposes.  Some filled it with medicine, poison, hair or ashes of loved ones or herbs.  Then they started to fill them with hand painted pictures and then photographs.   My mom had filled hers with her mom and dad.  When I was a younger I would play dress up with my moms clothes and jewelry and would always wear her locket.  I thought it was so beautiful.    When I was in High School, my parents gave me the locket and I put a picture of them in it.    Then I had you and before I knew it you were doing the same exact thing.  Playing dress up with my clothes and the locket.  Passing the tradition on I gave you the locket when you were in High School.    

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