Monday, February 1, 2010

Example of a strange to familiar - familar to strange project

So - I made a little time to exercise my creative and critical brain. 
the Hammer - an object I LOVE  -would be great any other day - but I have a solo show in less than a week - so what do I need to do -->  MAKE TIME WORK FOR YOU.  Sometimes that is something as simple as a few 40 minutes here and there.  This project took me under 1  hours to do - so I know you've got this in the bag.

1# -->  HERE's my object:  The Devil's claw

2# -->  My Something Strange into something Familiar.
For me - it's the content, and art representation.  So when I saw this - i approach things more analytically.  It is about reproduction, it is kind of violent.... those little frilly things in the middle remind me of squids mating - yes!  NATURE - SCIENCE.  and I'll make this out of clay
This took me 40 minutes to do - why?  because it's what I do all the time, and yet, this was something new for me, and I'm really excited.  Motivation up a notch!

3# -->  Familiar to Strange
so I was going to dissect it with drawings - but realized that that's what I always do!

The real problem is composition!
I'm failing to be more innovative here.
This is a start - but no where near good enough. 


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