Saturday, April 4, 2015

Smaller to Bigger - Evolutionary Chain

The direction I took with this is inspired by my two daughters. Seeing them both grow and how different yet similiar they are. I took the evolution of humans from the orginal bacteria floating around to Lucy, the first ape to begin looking more like us. From there I went with where we are now by using a picture of my youngest daughter and myself. After that I see us moving past bionics into a mechanical shell to place our brains in. It may not be bigger in size but it is huge in a evolution sense. Lastly, what could be bigger than that? Well if you can't beat them join them, I re-introduce the "Borg" from Star Trek. One conscience, that assimilates or destroys anything in there path.

I believe if we get to the point of being like the borg it will go back to a more bionical state in which we can grow new processors or microchips or appendages to accomplish the task at hand.

Created by Scott Werner, images sourced on poster

 Borg Documentary Part 1

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