Sunday, April 3, 2016

Never Done Before: C.Roby Dog Sledding Experience

Never Done Before

Experience: Dog Sledding

Something Gained: My expectations for this trip was to find something that challenged my dad and I.  We are both adrenaline junkies, highly competitive and bond over shared experiences.  This could make us great partners, but often end up competing against each other. 

I needed to find something that provided no frame of reference for either of us, so we could completely surrender to the experience.

So, I took my dad dog-sledding in Ely, Minnesota.

The entire experience was incredibly sensory.  Instead of being given a freight team, we were given endurance runners.  This means instead of four, thick and fluffy dogs built for pulling.  We were given six slender endurance dogs built for racing.  We took turns driving the team and remained completely silent except bouts of laughter and giant exhales after seconds going by of breathtaking scenery on the trails.   

We ended at the lodge with cups of cocoa playing with the dogs by the fire.
We walked away grown and grown closer.

Don't know what I'll have to do next year...skydiving? 

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